Reverse Tug of War

Was that a hoot or what?! Reverse tug of war was a jam packed canoeing battle to great extremes. This freshly created CPR homecoming event was one that I think will be continued for years to come. Although the name is misleading, reverse tug of war was normal tug of war, just in canoes. Two teams of three rowed against each other in an attempt to get their canoe past the finish line. The head of the canoe that crossed their line first won. Not only was this physical for the rowers, but it was physical for everyone on the pool deck too. Those canoes are not light when filled with water!

To all those who helped with reverse tug of war, I want to thank you. We needed a lot of bodies there and it couldn’t have been nearly as successful without you. This as an event all residents will want to keep an eye out for in the future. As the week progresses I’m sure pictures will arise, and with that, they will be posted on this post. Unfortunately being so close to the pool and having to monitor the canoes, I didn’t feel comfortable taking any personal photos.