New Wing Objective!



Throughout the semester I will be putting up publicity, bulletin boards, door decorations, and a whole bunch of other items that I will have created. If you can find spelling/grammar mistakes, you will be rewarded.

The Rules:

  • From here on out, I will be putting TA on the bottom of my work, this way you will know what is mine and what is someone else’s.
  • If you find a spelling or grammar error on any of my posts, bulletin boards, door decorations, publicity, etc… I will get you an item of your choice from the Market, up to a meal in value.
  • You must be able to back up what you find. For instance, if I use the wrong form of “to, two, too” you must be able to prove that it’s the wrong form.
  • Only one person can catch a mistake. I will be fixing them as they are pointed out to me.
  • I will not be intentionally adding mistakes, so there may be publicity where there is nothing. But trust me, I am human, and I make mistakes.
  • Lastly, you may fix my errors via personal contact (talking to me) or email.


Hopefully this will inspire you to read all of the updated publicity, and stay on track of what’s going on around. Enjoy!