Closing time…

There’s lots of things you’ll need to do to finish up the semester! Check out this bulletin board for some helpful reminders on things you might need to complete!



De-Stressing Bulletin Board

Feeling stressed before finals? Check out this bulletin board for some tips on how to de-stress and knock those finals out of the park!


3D Printed Door Decs!

What better use for a new 3D printer than some new door decs for everyone? They’ve even got magnets on the back so you can attach them to your fridge or any other metal surface if you want!20170324_182916.jpg

Dumb Warnings

Want a quick laugh? Check out this bulletin board for some silly, redundant warning signs!20170309_154527.jpg

Don’t forget!

Now that the semester has begun, there are a few things you need to remember to do, like get your textbooks and check up on your meal plan! Don’t forget anything important!


Holiday Door Decs!

Now that winter is definitely upon us, enjoy your new festive door decs!20161209_182545.jpg

Door Decorations!

Enjoy your first set of door decs to welcome you to the hall and help you find your room!