ONE Bulletin Board

Check out this ONE bulletin board to learn about poverty around the world and learn how you can help!



United We Stand!

Thanks to Sully and Shayne for coming out to the United We Stand speaker tonight! Lots of fun and a very interesting experience!


Expand your vocabulary!

Check out this bulletin board for ideas for things to say next time you think of calling something “gay”!


Travel the world with Study Abroad!

Check out our new bulletin board by the front desk to get some awesome information about the study abroad programs offered by UW-Platteville!


Black History Month (focused on inventors)

February is Black History Month, and to commemorate that, I’ve created a board to acknowledge some of our great African American inventors. America is meant to be based on equality. No matter your race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or any other form of identifier, I stand with you in your push for equality.


My newest board really focuses on equality with the LGBTQ community. This ¬†board has “don’t ask” questions, Doyle Center and safe zone information, celebrities who identify, and many of the meaning behind the abbreviations. In the background you’ll also notice the construction paper is made out to resemble a pride flag.